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Fauve is a performer and artist living between London, UK and Lefko(si)(ş)a, CY whose work explores themes of desire, care, violence, and memory. She centres play and pleasure in her practice, creating spaces which are led by process rather than outcome. She’s interested in areas of knowledge including; somatic knowledge of the body, spirituality and rituals in secular societies, and creating commons spaces of change and transformation.

She has performed and shown work internationally including at the Yard (UK), the Roundhouse (UK), Platform Nord (No) Tiyatro Medresesi (Tr), Drum Tower West Theatre 鼓楼西剧场 (Ch) and was a fellow at Birbeck University's Centre for Contemporary Theatre. She recently finished Conditions Studio program in Croydon, has a masters in Philosophy and originally trained as a clown at École Philippe Gaulier in Paris.

Contact: fauve (at) or via Instagram

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